10 Must-Try Desserts from Across the Caribbean

coconut macaroons

The Caribbean is beloved across the world for its weather, food, beaches, music, language and every other aspect of culture. One aspect of Caribbean culture that seems to score points above all others is Caribbean cuisine, which includes some very unique desserts. Caribbean desserts tend to include rum, spices and many different fruits and nuts found in the region, which make them special.

Here are 10 must-try desserts from across the Caribbean.


This is a favorite among many Caribbean countries. Made of either cornmeal, cassava, bread or sweet potato, this sweet treat hits the right spot every time.


Drops is one of the most popular traditional desserts in Jamaica. Drops can be made using coconut, peanuts or almonds. These ingredients are boiled in ginger and sugar until the mixture is syrupy. A spoon is then used to plate the mixture on a clean banana leaf or a cookie sheet and allowed to cool until harden.

Belizean Fudge

As the name suggests, this sweet treat is popular among the people of Belize. It consists of peanuts, condensed milk, sugar, raisins, and coconut.


Who doesn’t love a good Toto? So delicious! Toto is popular among Jamaicans and many other Caribbean countries. It consists of grated coconut, spices and flavorings including nutmeg, ginger, vanilla, rum, raisins and of course, sugar, eggs, milk, butter, and flour. If you have never had Toto, you should definitely do so soon!

Rum Cake

You cannot be a Caribbean national and never had Rum cake, because the Caribbean is pretty much a rum central, owing to the cultivation of sugar cane of which rum is a by-product. The moist cake which melts in your mouth, is infused with a rum & butter syrup.

Tamarind Balls

This dessert requires no cooking. Tamarind is a tropical plant with brown, pod-like fruits that contain a sweet, tangy pulp. These pulps are removed from the pod and added to a container and sugar and rum are added. The mixture is normally rolled into small balls.

Coconut Macaroons

Coconuts are a key plant of the Caribbean, coconut trees are found almost and everywhere in the tropics. It is a key ingredient in Coconut Macaroons which are made from shredded coconut held together by egg whites and granulated sugar. These are bite sized, rocky on the outside and soft on the inside.

Cheese Flan

Cheese Flan is popular among Spanish-speaking Caribbean countries. If Cheese Flan tastes anything like how it looks, this is awesome, as this dessert appears as if it was made to perfection. Cheese Flan or Flan de Queso is a smooth cream cheese custard topped with a decadent layer of homemade caramel.

Coquito Cheesecake (Coconut Rum Cheesecake)

This treat contains three ingredients I like: coconut, rum and cheese. Coquito Cheesecake is made of Creamy cheesecake bars with the sweet flavors of Puerto Rican eggnog made with a buttery Graham Cracker crust, rum, coconut and cinnamon. This sounds like heaven in the form of a cake!

Cassava Pone

Cassava is a common staple found throughout the Caribbean and is a key ingredient in cakes, bammy and puddings. One such pudding is the cassava pone or yucca cake, it is a flavorful pudding made from grated Cassava mixed with coconut milk, sugar, spices, and baked until golden brown.