Five Popular Jamaican Jerk Meals

Spicy Grilled Jerk Chicken with Lime and Spices

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about Jerked foods?

If you said Jamaican cuisine, you are just one in a long list of persons who think the same. Jerking is a Jamaican way of seasoning and cooking food, but like many of the country’s culture, it has been appreciated and adopted by persons across the world. The spicy delicious flavour of the jerk seasoning can be added to various foods, including vegetables, to revitalize your tastebuds and give you a tropical experience. Here are five popular Jerk foods.

Jerk Chicken

The Jerk Chicken is dubbed the most popular jerk food, especially in Jamaica. The chicken is marinated in jerked seasoning overnight, before being placed over a woodfire until tender. Traditionally, the chicken is cooked over woods from the pimento or the laurel (sweetwood) tree, which is believed to make it more succulent. However, times have changed, and persons have resorted to using a jerk pan or grill to make their Jerk Chicken. This works well, just ensure you use the jerk seasoning to retain that authentic tropical flavour. Serve with slices of bread or festival to complete this meal.

Jerk Pork

There’s just something about a good, jerk pork. While Jerk Chicken is the most common jerk food, the Jerk Pork is a close second. Like the chicken it is cooked over wood fire or a grill until tender. Pork is already appreciated by food lovers worldwide, but the Jerk Pork takes their appreciation to another level. The fusion of herbs and spices from the jerk seasoning, makes this meal an experience to remember. It’s perfect for family gatherings or road trips and a staple for Caribbean outdoor events. Although it’s usually served with bread, festival, or rice, Jerk Pork can be paired with a side of your choice. More importantly, this jerk meal, is just as good all by itself.

Jerk Burgers

Yes, Jerk Burgers! Burgers are quite juicy and has been a great fast-food option for a long time. But, what’s even more fulfilling, is a burger that has been fused with some nice, jerk seasoning! The combination of flavors from the burgers and jerk seasoning will make you lick your fingers and yearn for more. The Jerk Burger is a great meal idea for kids, for back yard cookouts or any outdoor events. Make a sandwich using burger buns and serve with fries.

Jerk Fish

For all the seafood lovers, don’t worry, you can jerk fish too! The jerk seasoning pairs extremely well with the fish to produce a seafood delight. Although my Grams will suggest that you’ll get more flavor from the fish bones if you jerk a whole fish, I believe, the jerk seasoning is powerful enough to sustain the flavor, despite the type of fish you use. Whether it be a whole snapper or fillet, the Jerk Fish will never let you down.

Jerk Shrimp Pasta

If you are a seafood and pasta lover, this one’s for you! You can have the best of both worlds with this Jerk Shrimp Pasta. The wonderful thing about the jerk seasoning, is that it goes well with almost anything, so it will give your meal that je ne sais quoi. The cheesy-goodness of the pasta, mixed with the fiery flavour of the jerk-seasoned shrimp, will ignite your taste buds, and satisfy your bellies and souls. It’s the perfect dinner idea, especially when you want to show off your creativity in the kitchen. So next time, you have a pasta night at home, let your creative juices run free and try the Jerk Shrimp Pasta.