Five Popular Jamaican Natural Juices

Carrot juice

Jamaicans love their natural juices. No matter the season, the Jamaican nationals will use whatever the earth produces to make some of the most delicious and refreshing drinks.

But their love and appreciation for these juices are not just limited to the need to quench one’s thirst or partake in something delicious. It is way deeper than that. Some people might see a simple glass of natural juice, but to natives, the glass represents a taste of Jamaica’s tropical flavor, and the importance of feeding one’s body with nutritious food. After all, you are what you eat, and natural juices are considered healthy.

So, if you are interested in tasting a piece of this tropical paradise while allowing your food to be your medicine, here are five popular Jamaican natural juices you can try.

Beetroot Juice

The beetroot is a bright red, root-vegetable that makes a highly nutritious drink, which can be prepared in two ways. One way is by blending the beetroot with ginger before adding sugar and lime. Another way is sweetening the blended beetroot with milk. Either way, the taste was amazing. But apart from its taste, the beetroot juice is packed with health benefits like lowering blood pressure and improving blood flow.

Carrot Juice

As the name suggests, the carrot juice is loaded with fresh carrots that have been juiced and sweetened with sugar or honey. It is a perfect drink to have with breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as it goes well with most dishes. Like the beetroot, the carrot is a root vegetable that is filled to the brim with essential nutrients. Carrots can improve your eye health and boost your immunity.

Tip: Add some milk, Guinness drink, and vanilla to transform a family-friendly drink into a fun-adult delight!

Soursop Juice

This tropical natural juice is a favorite on the island. Like many natural juices prepared in Jamaica, the soursop can be prepared in more than one way. The first option is to blend the soursop fruit and add lime and sugar for a lighter, more refreshing drink. However, many persons prefer the traditional way of blending the soursop, adding vanilla, nutmeg, milk or sweetened condensed milk for a thicker more filling drink. This drink is enough to awaken your tastebuds while boosting your immune health, helping to prevent skin damage, and promoting digestive health.

June Plum Juice

The June plum juice is another favorite on the island. This natural drink is prepared by blending the June plum and adding ginger, sugar, and lime. Depending on the ripeness of the June plum, the juice can either be tart or sweet. But whether you use the green or yellow June plum, the taste is amazing. The drink is perfect for waking your senses in the morning, giving you the boost you need in the afternoon, and making it easy to relax during the evening. No matter the time of day, the June plum juice is refreshingly delicious. But, more importantly, it is packed with a host of health benefits such as, lowering blood pressure and improving respiratory ailments. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go June plum juice hunting!

Cherry Juice

If you’re looking for a healthy and tasty drink for the family, then cherry juice is an appropriate choice. This natural juice often accompanies the Sunday dinner in many households. Its refreshing taste is bound to trigger relaxation mode, but let’s not forget that it is packed with vital nutrients. It also contains many health benefits including easing arthritis, improving brain health and helping people sleep better. Essential to note, is that cherries are grown in many backyards across the island, so once it is in season, you can just pick the fruit and make any amount of juice your heart desires. If you don’t have access to a cherry tree, you don’t have to worry either, because cherries are sold in the local markets or supermarkets.