Five Popular Jamaican Porridges

Oats Porridge

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There is just something about the creamy-thickness, sweet aroma, and that undeniable warmth when it hits the stomach. Although porridge is a common breakfast item, it can be eaten at any moment of the day. Whether you have some for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, if prepared right, this mouth-watering meal will leave you fully satisfied, or yearning for more.

If you have an insatiable appetite for porridge and Jamaican cuisine, you are in luck! There are many variants out there to fulfill the desires of all porridge-lovers, especially for those enthusiasts, who are looking to embrace some of Jamaica’s culture. With that said, here are five popular Jamaican Porridges:

Cornmeal Porridge

Of all the porridges Jamaicans enjoy, the cornmeal porridge is the most common. Infused with cinnamon, cream, vanilla, nutmeg and milk, this yellow cornmeal-based meal is enough to give you the jump-start you need to tackle your day. The cornmeal porridge is seen as a hefty and delicious meal, which is deemed a favorite for both the young and old. Its creamy smoothness makes it the perfect “baby food” for some Jamaican parents who are trying to wean their children off breastmilk. So, this combination of cornmeal and earthy spices is an incredibly tasty Jamaican treat to enjoy.

Peanut Porridge

This energy booster is a nice blend of raw peanuts, sweetened milk, spices, and sugar, an appropriate addition to this list. If you rocked to Fabby Dolly’s “Peanut Punch” back in the 90s, you would have an idea of Jamaicans view on peanuts and their association with nutrition, especially when it comes to the male sex drive. Apart from being a good breakfast or outdoor food option, this porridge is highly popular among males, as it is believed to add a little more vigor to bedroom activities.

Hominy Corn Porridge

If the cornmeal or the peanut porridge is not your bowl of delight, never fear, try the hominy corn porridge! As the name suggests, it consists of corn kernels with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, cow’s milk, or coconut milk. This porridge may take a bit longer to prepare since you must soften the kernels in a pressure cooker or use a slow cooker. Either way, it is worth the wait. Although hominy makes a delectable Jamaican porridge, it is incorporated in a well-known U-S staple – grits. It is also found in Mexican dishes such as tacos. So, if you are into those meals, then the Jamaican hominy corn porridge might be for you.

Oats Porridge

The good ol’ oats porridge is a nutritious treat, and like the peanut porridge is an energy booster. The enormous health benefits that are associated with oats, have made this porridge a popular option among persons who are trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle. It is not only easy to prepare but pairs well with other nutritious food items like bananas and berries.

Green Plantain Porridge

If I could choose two words to describe this porridge, I would use flavorful and delicate. The flavor is largely due to the plantains which give off a pleasant taste, while the delicacy is in the preparation. Jamaicans tend to chop the green plantains into smaller pieces, then blend them into a smooth puree. Then after all that blending, it is moved to a heated stove, where it is combined with spices and milk. While cooking, you cannot leave this porridge unattended as this will result in lumps. But, with the right amount of patience, this porridge is quite fulfilling.